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Royston Picture Palace
The Royston Picture Palace is a community cinema run by the people of Royston and surrounding villages. Although staffed by volunteers, the audience will experience state-of-the-art digital projection onto a 7m screen supported by a 17 speaker digital sound system.

The cinema is located in Royston Town Hall, which has undergone a complete refurbishment in preparation for its new role in the community.

Wheelchair and disability access
Royston Picture Palace has what we hope is a good provision for the differently-abled. The front entrance is ramped with handrails either side; there is a toilet for the disabled on the ground floor; we have a lift between the ground and first floors; there is provision within our ticketing plan for up to three wheelchair users with carers. To book a wheelchair space please contact Simon on info@roystonpicturepalace.org.uk

Because we have to change the layout of the seating to give access, at present wheelchair users should contact us via email. Please indicate which film you wish to attend and whether you wish to bring a carer (who will be offered a complimentary seat in the vicinity of the wheelchair space). You will then be contacted to confirm your booking. Payment will be taken at the Box Office on the night. For more information about how to obtain a free ticket for carers click here.

The CEA Card
The CEA Card is a national concessionary card developed by the Cinema Exhibitors Association for UK cinemas in order to allow people with disabilities to obtain one free ticket for a person accompanying them to the cinema. Click here to obtain your card.

Tickets are sold online via a secure link from this website. They can also be purchased in person from Royston Library (click here for location details and opening hours) or on the night from the Box Office in the cinema foyer (subject to availability).

Ice creams, popcorn, drinks and sweets are available at reasonable prices from the refreshments area in the cinema foyer.

Find out more about the film classifications and an explanation of what they mean.

Anyone wishing to volunteer their time to assist with running the cinema should use the “Volunteer” link from this page. Other enquiries or offers of assistance should be forward to the General Manager using the Contact button.


Now Showing

Customers who book on-line should bring their confirmation to the cinema, either on a printed sheet or on a smart phone. To see all films showing at The Picture Palace click here or visit the diary page. NEW Thoughtful Thursday.

anomalisaVeekLk Anomalisa (15)
Friday 3rd 7.30pm
A short film will be shown before the feature called 'The making of'.
Dir: Charlie Kaufman USA 2016 90 mins
Cast David Thewlis
From the mind of Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation) comes an achingly funny black comedy - filmed entirely in stop-motion animation. Michael Stone, a successful motivational speaker, is crippled by the mundanity of his life. On a business trip, he checks into his hotel and prepares to go through the motions. But a chance meeting with Lisa ,Michael feels he may have just met someone who can make a change. Anomalisa is a technically stunning work of animation, beautifully orchestrated it sees Charlie Kaufman at his daring, dazzling best.

zootropolisG2mn3m1 Zootropolis (PG)
Saturday 4th 3.30pm


Dir: Byron Howard, Rich Moore USA 2016 108 mins Cast Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin
Children will love the new animated adventure coming to Royston this June. Zootropolis tells the story of a mammal metropolis of which Judy Hopps (Goodwin) is a resident. Watch as she becomes the first Rabbit to join the police force, unfortunately she must join forces with Nick Wilde (Bateman) a wily fox, who makes her job very difficult as she discovers juts how tiring it can be to bring law and order to this town.

batmanvssuperman66Z5tU Batman vs Superman:
Dawn of Justice (12A)

Saturday 4th 7.30pm


Dir: Zach Synder USA 2016 150 mins
Cast Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill
With Metropolis having been razed to the ground, Superman (Cavill) is now a controversial figure and people consider him a threat, as does Bruce Wayne (Affleck). He dons his cape and sets about fixing the problems Superman has caused, this causes rivalry between the pair and a battle forms. However a dark threat appears with a power greater than anyone. This is a film that will question the morals of your favourite superheroes and wondering if they can work together to solve this threat.